The quarryman, a figure that from past times with more rural methods and means, to modern times, with all the advanced technology we can have, gives us the opportunity to see and use this material in all the elements we can do and have .

In the past, quarryman used the explosive to break down the large walls that broke into so many blocks, a spectacular show (also called “varata”), but also very dangerous, and that not everyone could do because it needed a long and accurate preparation . From here we meet the technicians, with the task of eliminating the detrimental parts of the marble, dropping by a rope, in front of the cave face. Going ahead in time, the technology advanced, leading to the creation of the helix wire, the wire that allowed to cut the blocks at more speed, and less danger than the old explosive. Even though, the shape of the framing does not remain apart. The role that in the quarry allowed to give the block a more square shape with the only use of the fork and hammer. Then with the ripping, a method that allowed with the help of trunks, to slip the rope-bound block, came downstream. Today, everything has changed, technology has given way to more tranquility, the diamond wire cuts the block quickly, albeit not less dangerous, mechanical blades and excavators, have the ability to lift blocks to put them on trucks, which they will transport them down to the squares where the blocks will be treated. A job is that of the destroyer, hard and dangerous, but not everyone is capable of dealing with and who has given us and gives us the chance to have this material in its most perfect beauty.