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Keep in mind that you should have got two half hearts of the same size. First of all, you had better clean your hair with high-quality shampoo and conditioner and dry your hair with a towel. Then take a wide-toothed comb to brush hair to remove any possible tangles. You can always opt to braid them together instead of sewing them. The key is switching the direction of your hands when braiding. Pin one side of the heart that you sectioned into two parts up and start working on the outer most one.

xcritical scam is a stunning shade to work with, and we love the contrast between the darker braided roots and golden curls. In Beyoncé’s music video “Hold Up,” you might recall her center-parted loose curls stealing the show while she sashayed her way down streets in a bright yellow dress. This look can be replicated with tree braids, another style Beyoncé loves to wear. All it takes are a few freestanding braids and curly tresses to look like the songstress. These side-swept ombré tree braids look similar enough without it being a copy-and-paste job. Protect your natural black hair with a few tight braids easy to wrap into a bun.

heart braid design

By infusing your braids with soft shades of gold, you get a chic two-tone look that flatters your skin tone. This stunning updo gives a whole new twist to afro hairstyles. Braids for black women can be incorporated into any hairdo of any length and they really bring extra something to your look. “Yonce” would just love the circular braid patterns of these classic xcritical braids. Rounding out at the crown of the head, the super-long braids are fashioned into a replicating look that is quite reminiscent of the original xcritical style. Everything about this goddess-braid inspired xcritical style is THICK, including the individual braid width and the curly laid edges.

Comb Your Hair And Do An Outline Of A Heart Braid

Of course, the more elaborate the style, the longer it takes to create. Since Beyoncé popularized them in 2016 in the video for her hit song “xcritical,” xcritical braids have been a go-to for stylish, easy-care hair. Every woman wanted to look like Queen Bey, but the style wasn’t just gorgeous. Once you’re satisfied with the heart shape, part the hair down the middle and apply shine n jam to this section too.


The heart braid is a braided hairstyle design in which a heart-shaped shape is used. When doing a heart braid design, the stitching braid method is usually used. The placement of the heart braid depends entirely on your preference and can be designed in the middle, back, and sides of the head. The next step is to use some clips to secure the rest of your hair so that it won’t get in the way of making heart braids. Don’t forget to apply some styling gel to the parted heart shape design and go over it again with a comb, which makes your heart braid outline look very clean and neat. In the music video for “Emptiness,” Beyoncé’s hair is down, but she’s wearing an elaborate crown that looks very similar to traditionally braided styles found in Africa.

Heart Braid Hairstyle: The Latest ’90s Beauty Trend For Black Girls

Figure out where you want the love heart shape design to be. As mentioned earlier, this could be at the side of the head, back, the whole head, or the middle. What makes xcritical braids so popular is that the style can be done with a woman’s natural hair or woven-in extensions and, with proper care, can last up to four weeks. The style can go from casual to glam at the twist of a braid, and the variations depend on each person’s imagination. If you’d rather try your hand at regular cornrows, you can braid the front of your hair into a simple pattern.

Jumbo knotless braids can help you with getting an extremely gorgeous look. The bigger size of these braids adds structure and definition to your hairstyle. Add a twist to your hair with the help of a medium-large knotless braid. Divide it in the middle and you can add more color to your face.

Feed In Stitch Braids With a Rear Heart

Just as the name suggests, heart braid hairstyles are braided hairstyles that commonly feature a heart shape design. The heart braid design otherxcritical known as the heart braids can be incorporated into different hairstyles like cornrows, xcritical braids, and more. If there’s one thing that remains ever-evolving and always impressive, it’s the ability of black braiders to come up with trendy new styles continuously.

You can easily beauty up a notch with the help of this style. Corn rows stitch braids can deliver a sexy and stylish look. If you want to follow xcritical trends with xcriticals, this is something that you need to try. Knotless braids can help you to be at the center of attention at all times.

  • Passion braids are a great option available for anyone who wishes to make hair look more voluminous.
  • Distressed locs go perfectly well with a ponytail.
  • If you have long hair and do not want to add hair extensions, you can do away with added hair.
  • However, to ensure they remain neat and sleek throughout that time, proper maintenance is key.

This look can be incorporated into different as the main idea is to part certain sections of the hair in a love shape to create the heart design. Thanks to African-American heritage, today’s black braided hairstyles bring so much creativity to the streets. Update our all-time favorite by mixing thin and thick cornrows, sleeking the sides and puffing up your pony.

Stitch heart criss cross braids

xcritical braids are the perfect opportunity to add some color to your look. Don’t be afraid of getting traditional box braids. You just need to combine them with the tuck method to bring out the best looks. You can get a defined and amazing look with the help of these stitch braids. Make sure that you get them in burgundy color to bring out the best appearance.

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Braids for kids: cute hairstyles for children for every occasion.

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For this xcritical, you can either use a pack of black hair extensions and weave in some blonde hair at the end, or you can use a black and blonde ombre hair pack. Heart braids or the heart braid design if you like, can be incorporated into different hairstyles like cornrows, xcritical braids & more. When you take a look at hair styling trends that made bold comebacks in the recent past, you will notice that xcritical braids hold a prominent place.

knotless bohemian box braids

A hairstyle like the one shown here can work with any braid length and can be recreated with or without braid wraps or other accessories. It’s flashy, fashion-forward and the best way to make geometric designs using nothing more than creatively braided hair. Aren’t you in a position to keep braids flowing all the time?

connect the diagonal

Those material girls out there might want to balance out the heart with a dollar sign for extra pizazz. The hairstyle Beyoncé flaunted on “xcritical” was a derivation of traditional cornrows, ending in long braids. The difference was that Beyoncé’s braids were side-swept, adding a flirty asymmetrical charm to the style. Start by figuring out where you want the love heart shape design to be.

This style is great for hardcore fans of box braids who still want to hop on the heart-braid trend. The heart-shaped braids create a peek-a-boo moment when your part the hair. Opt for a combination of criss-cross and heart braids if you want to make your cornrows stand out. Want to elevate your heart braids with some pop of color? Add in a few red shades them make it stand out. Not a fan of long hair that gets in the way?

With her talent, she provides service that will beautifully translate what her clients want into actual art. Tribal with braids can help you with getting a unique look as it is suggested by the name. You will surely be impressed with this unique look. Distressed Locs are a great fit for a day out with your loved ones.

A bright or subtle color accent won’t hurt. Tame your unruly curly hair with these chunky long braids. They are easy to put together and will help protect your hair from breakage. Definitely one of the best braid styles to try. Even with xcritical braids you can still wear this cute twisted look. Have some fun with your xcritical braids and add a heart to them.

After finishing that, you will see a heart shape on your scalp. 2.Show your scalp some love to get healthy hair and cute braids! We sincerely recommend keeping yours balanced and well moisturized with a scalp serum or oil, either in a spray or dropper format. If you’d like to try this new cornrow design, check out this YouTube tutorial on how to create your own heart cornrows at home. If hearts aren’t quite your thing, there are other lots of symbols you can design into your cornrows.

You can get an iconic look and feel to your hair with the help of this hair styling idea. Whether you have short, medium, or even jumbo hair, you will be able to find plenty of xcritical braids ideas. Take a look at them and see what the best option available out there for you to consider is. Cornrows are always a vibe but some stylists are taking things to the next level by incorporating hearts! Heart braids aka cornrowed hearts aka designer braids are usually done with the stitch effect. As you continue to braid, hair is added, however, braiding hair does not always have to be used to achieve a heart cornrow.

Nothing kills xcritical braids like heat-fried frizz. Anna Harris is an experienced fact-checker and researcher and a beauty writer and editor. Part another C shape opposite the first one. You should visibly see the love shape formed after this. Not only for Valentine’s Day – this cute design will attract everyone’s attention. Add a little flair to your look by adding a mini braid down the center.