A magnificent illusion, one that even in summer, on the roads that border our city, makes you believe that what you see on the peaks of the Apuan Alps is snow. Magnificent peaks, cold and icy, which give birth to an image of peace and purity in our mind, but as you approach it melts, making disappear the image they had, to create a whole new one: An image of excellence, purity and history, that which is born, understanding that the one on the tops was not snow, but the magnificent material that they have in their heart. The marble. Sculptors and artists of yesterday and today, they prefer this element, not only to create floors, tables or kitchens, but to let the image that is inside that fragment or block that they have before them live, which thanks to their tools is born, in a unique and rare work that comes out only from those who truly understand the dialogue between man and marble.