The “Dama Velata” is a sculpture in white Carrara marble presumably made in 1845 by the Italian sculptor, of Milanese origins, Raffaele Monti, (1818-1881) and currently preserved in the Aeolus Gallery of the Royal Castle of Racconigi, in the province of Wedge.
The “Veiled Lady” depicts the face of a woman, with her head wrapped in a crown of flowers and slightly tilted to the right while the white marble veil descends to the shoulders, masking the features and expression of the face, and creating a perfect illusionistic game
In the work the “Veiled Lady” the main role is attributed to the marble veil, which descends from the head to the face and which, due to the ingenuity and the exquisiteness of the work, seems to be made of soft silk, concealing and at the same time revealing the neatness and the purity of the underlying female image.