Built in 1982, on the initiative of the municipality of Carrara, the civic museum of marble collects and documents the historical memory of the city, but above all the historical memory of its marble and of everything that surrounds it.
Archaeological finds found in the quarry, machinery for the extraction and processing of marble, are just some of the finds contained in this museum which over the years has contributed to creating a link between material culture and historical memory.
The museum is divided into 7 sections in order to give the visitor a rich and fascinating image of the cultural and historical heritage of the material:
• “Roman archeology and history of the territory”: with precious historical artifacts found in the quarry.
• “Marmoteca”: With its 310 marble samples.
• “Industrial Archeology”: machinery and tools for the extraction and processing of marble, from Roman times to today.
• “Technical applications” with examples of art design.
• “Plaster casts” reproductions of marble icons
• “Multimedia space”: Its purpose is to give voice to the millenary culture of marble.