In building, one of the most used precious stones is certainly marble, one of the most preferred materials for coatings of any surface type. Used for sophisticated and elegant environments, it is also ideal for public or private venues. This natural stone, amongst all natural stones, is considered one of the most valuable varieties and remains highly appreciated for its peculiar characteristics, which make the difference, including: hardness, strength, high durability, resistance from abrasions, shocks, and scratches. Thanks to its aesthetic qualities, marble is very used in construction and architecture, both for coatings and furniture. Being a low refractive index material allows the light to penetrate within the structure of the stone itself, giving it a particular luminosity, and along with the veins, give that particular beauty of the stone that is, giving to the structure of which also belongs a a certain quality, And also this material allows to give a sense of light and solidity, security to the furnishings it creates, recalling also the great works of artists and architects, who were born from this magnificent stone.