A history, that of marble that is made of excellence, traditions but also of continuous innovations especially in recent years. This is a very risky operation, but it is necessary to unleash the great artists of the past who shuffled the matter at will to introduce one of the greatest trends of recent times. Whether for artistic creations or for decorations that are the basis of other major and majestic works, we still admire marble today. Since ancient times it has been considered one of the most valuable materials, and the great artists of antiquity have been able to work by donating to the opera unnatural softness with unimaginable anatomical shapes. Today, young designers and students are bringing this experiment to a higher level. With the digitization of design processes, it is possible to refine the shapes and to make the best use of robotic machining, allowing the more conscious use of the material, and the development of processes of containment of processing waste (creating proposals for design until recently unimaginable) Proposals that arise as everyday objects that forget the natural rigidity of the material and allow the great shining stone to par excellence, never to fall into a dark gutter far from everything and everyone.