It is from our beloved mountains that the marble is born, but what is even more crazy that the same, not only give birth to this wonder of material, but of it make out seven types:

  • White marble: perhaps the most classic and internationally known, which has the characteristic of having small impurities on it.
  • Statuary marble: the most valuable and used since ancient times for its ivory / white color and its crystalline structure which makes it ideal for working with the chisel.
  • The Venato marble: a sometimes grayish white stone crossed by gray veins
  • The arabesque marble: A marble very similar to the veined with the only difference, that the veins build on this type of real themes.
  • Calacatta marble: A white / ivory crossed by yellow / golden watermarks.
  • Bardiglio Marble: A gray, due to the rocky nature rich in impurities. And last but not least:
  • Cipollino marble: gray / green streaks characterize this type of marble, recalling the internal structure of an onion.